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2016 Shenzhen International Biotechnology / Life Health Industry Fair was officially opened



Tencent Science News September 22, organized by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly hosted by CCPIT Shenzhen International 2016 Leadership Summit and BT Biological / Life Health Industry Fair in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center kicked off acquired deeply involved in the community and widespread concern in the industry, has once again let the Chinese Shenzhen, the biotechnology industry have become the focus of world attention.

Tin Fu Shenzhen Municipal Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Government Deputy Secretary Liu Sheng and other leaders to visit the exhibition, visited Greeting Biological Industry Base, Shenzhen Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, the National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen Yu Han Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the British Museum, Golden League West international Group, a doctor 160 exhibitors, more than ten units, on the outcome of the case and show exhibitors responsible for on-site communication. Tin Fu Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Sheng Shenzhen Municipal Government on behalf of the Shenzhen municipal government of biological fields of enterprises, experts and scholars expressed a warm welcome and wished the exhibition was a complete success.

Five exhibition exchange platform global elite gathered to join the festivities
The theme of this biological / life and health industry exhibition followed the previous “green economy, and create a better life”, an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, has a life of information and biological technology innovation, agriculture and bio-breeding, medical devices and medical wisdom high quality modern health services and biomedical products equipment five exhibition. Exhibits in the exhibition, business promotion and on-site activities more professional than the previous, international, degree of innovation also improved, to promote the healthy development of bio-industry and life to build an effective platform for technology exchange.
The exhibition attracted more than 200 well-known international biotechnology exhibitors, including Genomics, Mindray, Salubris, Hong Kong So Young Global, MJ Group, the UK-thinking healthcare, GE and other advanced enterprises. Part exhibitors also brought the latest scientific and technological achievements, such as: “pony Snapshot” health management platform, a new generation of high-resolution artificial retina, ACTL targeted immune therapy and dozens of new products, new technology the same stage debut lead the development of biotechnology and life and health in the field of cutting-edge technology.

Expected during the three-day exhibition, there will be more than 30,000 professionals from Asia, Europe, America and Oceania more than ten countries and regions participated in the exhibition of various forum activities, these people are mainly leading scientists, Principal Investigator Professor, chief physician, corporate executives and other influential global business elite. The exhibition is also the first to introduce Chinese high specification Biotherapy symposium – China Biotherapy Assembly. By then, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wu Zuze, Wang Fusheng, Yao Kaitai; Chen Zhinan Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor more than a dozen countries, China Medical Association related leaders will attend the meeting.

Professional activities staged exciting and constantly open up space for a total of promoting development of the industry
Exhibition is not only to show the industry the latest scientific and technological achievements of the broad stage, but also to open high-end dialogue, the best platform to jointly develop the industry.

In addition to “China Biological Treatment Conference”, will also host the 2016 three new board Equity Financing Forum and Matchmaking Internet exhibition period, to medical and life sciences innovation and investment conference, Life Sciences Innovation Forum trends, 5th Shenzhen Bio life and health industry development Forum and other venture more than 20 conferences and forums, more than 100 research papers, keynote speeches, high-end dialogue, seminars and other activities. Among them, to medical and life sciences innovation investment conference, Tsinghua University and Shenzhen Ping Shan District XIN Centre jointly organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Trade Promotion Committee, based on the life sciences and healthcare national concern, the introduction of Israel’s strong resources, the two countries are to the depth of focus of cooperation between the first single industries initiatives.

“Free” medical interrogation experience diverse biological health sciences
In addition, during the exhibition zone of Shenzhen public health guidance can Heshun Church clinic in an open area and Physical Fitness Test sport, “home health care services last kilometer – Pony Express check” on-site biological treatment zone and consulting quality wines tasting negotiation area “free” medical examination, inquiry, to experience a variety of biological, life and health sciences.
Biological and life and health industry is following the IT industry’s largest development potential and space industry, but also in the new normal supply-side structural reforms in key areas of economic development and innovation. Against this backdrop, the government set up a platform to show the results of the enterprise, to promote the exchange of experts in 2016 Biology / life and health industry exhibition outside the industry won an unprecedented focus and attention. It is not only aimed at the forefront of the industry the concept of innovation, research and development, but also to promote investment, incubators, promotion and trading downstream industries, the development of bio-industry under the new situation has played a very important role in boosting.