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About Biokitchen

Biokitchen is a world leading provider of small molecule anticancer reagents, kinase inhibitors and other pharmaceutical related chemicals. We have research center in Zhangjiang Hi-tech park in Shanghai, China, and have cooperated manufacturing facilities in the other provinces in China.

Our team includes most qualified and talented synthetic and medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical marketing experts. They have the experience to manage the complex activities and tight time lines required for pharmaceutical projects. Biokitchen is capable to provide qualified products and services at a very competitive price. Biokitchenoffers products and service from discovery and early medicinal chemistry to multiple kilogram scale synthesis.

Our success is due to our competitive pricing, our firmly commitment to customer service and to the talent and experience of our scientists, most of whom hold doctorates in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineers.



Research services: including all areas of medicinal chemistry research, custom organic synthesis, synthetic route optimization, synthetic process development.


Hot Line:137-9521-9287

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Add:Zhangjiang Hi-tech park Ruiqing road 528, building 22, room 306, shanghai, China

BioKitchen Pharmaceutical Science & Technology (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
Zhangjiang Hi-tech park Ruiqing road 528, building 22, room 306, shanghai, China
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